Welcome, Lover of the Beautiful and Strange.

This page is an intersection of art, nature, story and dream. It is a resting place for old things in new forms, a sanctuary for myth in modern times, and a playground of mystery.

Here, you’ll find varied expressions of this, that and the otherworld. Each creation is intended as a doorway, and you’re invited to walk through.

Cathartist Aura

The name I’ve chosen to hold my growing body of work is inspired by vultures. The turkey vulture’s Latin name is Cathartes aura, meaning ‘golden purifier’ or ‘cleansing breeze’. They are as intimate with the sun, source of vibrant green and earthly life, as they are with rot, decay and the world under; soaring to great heights and plunging to great depths. They know nothing is wasted; every life, every creature and every experience is worthy. It is in this spirit I approach art, which remains a deeply cathartic process for me.

Merging Mediums

I love painting and poetry; the sheer fluidity of watercolor and the starkness of black ink; and creating digital and analog works alike. Whether I’m working in image or word, a large theme of all I do is exploring the dual forces of existence, and navigating the uncharted space between them. I hope you’ll enjoy joining me on the journey.


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