Hi, I’m Jessica Knight.

I’m an Arizona-based artist, tarot reader and curious seeker of the weird and wondrous. I am endlessly inspired by what I can never truly understand, and I write, draw, paint and divine to get closer to it.

Art happened upon me in a mysterious way. There was a long drought, and to this day I couldn’t tell you what broke the dam. I just know it did. Then came the flood, and on its white water: the desire to make. I’ve been feverishly creating since.

Artwork titled “Wheel of the Desert”. Watercolor painting of a coyote, vulture, jackrabbit and snake following each other in a circle, surrounded by changing skies and seasonal desert plants.
Artwork titled “Desert Mother”. Woman painted colors of Earth, with 13 rattlesnakes for her hair. She is sprawled across a desert landscape.
Artwork titled “The Coyote at Night”. Watercolor of a coyote looking out from a red rock desert landscape under a starry sky.

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