Meet Me at the Crossroads.

Hello, seeker. I honor the vulnerability it takes to knock at Mystery’s door, and I can say with honesty that I hold your queries sacred and important.

A bit about me as a reader: I have been studying tarot since 2012. The rich relationship I have cultivated with the cards over the years has shown me what an invaluable tool they are for self-knowledge and transformation through empowered choice-making.

My reading style is shaped by my worldview. I believe in magic and I am grounded in this reality; aware of, and sensitive to, the varying degrees of unique personal and collective challenges we face as humans in this era.

Generally speaking, I don’t view our experience here as entirely fated. While there might be certain dominant themes unfolding, or a direction things seem likely to move in- I believe in the power of small, meaningful shifts that build, as well as the big ones that take immense heart and courage. I use tarot as a guide to locate the most relevant energies in your life, and reflect them back to you so you may work with your current circumstances effectively and with grace.

Life does not simply happen to us, and neither do the cards. The symbols and messages that emerge in a reading are not rigid, unmoving walls we come up against; rather, they are dynamic conversations we enter into, and their meanings deepen as we open to them. They turn up to help us; never to hurt us. This statement is central to my practice.

Rather than attempting to read and react to an uncertain future, we will consult the wisdom of the deck to work with what you can control: your attitudes, beliefs, narratives and available responses to the situation at hand. All you have to do is show up with an open mind, willingness to participate in a conversation about what you’ve decided to bring to the cards, and receptivity to the messages that come through.

One last note: in my experience, conversations with the divine and subconscious often come with an air of the wild. By this, I mean they don’t strictly play by our rules, and can present themselves in unexpected ways.

Sometimes, the answers that arise will come in the form of new questions, or breadcrumbs to follow after you leave the session; sometimes, they’ll be decisively blunt and obvious, ringing out clear as a bell; sometimes, mischief and riddle are involved; and other times, details that seemed irrelevant or unrelated during the reading will come to make sense once the whole picture is later realized. Show up with curiosity over expectation, and you’ll be rewarded with a truly worthwhile experience.


Jessica’s tarot reading was spot on and exactly what I needed. She was gentle and honest, kind and clear. She is insightful and the reading was thought and emotion provoking. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have Jessica pull for me - she has a depth of knowledge about tarot and intimate understanding of each card that I’ve yet to encounter elsewhere.

Thank you, Jess!

- Alex P.

I have been working with Jess for the past 3 years. & each time her readings have catapulted me into new realities that I know would have taken me much longer to dive in on my own. Her understanding of tarot is beautifully genuine and knowledgeable. You can tell she has a deep relationship with each card and how they relate to your questions. She offers insightful messages and I also love listening to her interpretations. If you’re considering booking a reading, you won’t regret it! Thank you Jess for sharing your gifts with the world!

-Jacqui L.

Jess has provided readings for me several times. I go to Jess when I need a deeper dive into a message and when I’m looking for clarity. The way she explains the cards always align, and even if I can’t see it right then, they come into play later down the road. I’ve even gifted a tarot reading from Jess for my friends, and they have enjoyed her energy! She is sweet, deep, and thorough. I walk away from my readings with sense of ease and lightness.

-Hannah T.

What a beautiful experience my tarot reading was with Jess! It was exactly what I needed to get the ball rolling on me seeking out info and advice on growth. Honestly, I cannot recommend it enough. I felt so safe exploring my cards and the emotions and experiences each card brought forth. A very profound experience for me.


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